Rosecrans 11

Rosecrans 11

Journal Entry for Sketch #11
June 8, 2005 – Two Weeks After Memorial Day
Medal of Honor Winner

Two weeks have passed since Memorial Day. All the flags and plaques are gone. Only the sewing machine sounds of insects and birds now with occasional rumbling noises from traffic along the access road on the ridge top. A heavy overcast covers all. I wander through the south side of the cemetery through an area of older burials. I stop to sketch at the grave of Medal of Honor winner:

Albert L. David
Lt. US Navy
Medal of Honor

Appears to have died at end of war (war ended 8/14/45) probably one of last to die. His wife (Linda) is buried beside him, 2 years older, died at 83 38 years later.

There is an odd picture of a man running from an angel on the grave stone.

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