End of Series: Poseidon’s Epiphany

First Piece After the End of the Series

Poseidon's Epiphany

Poseidon’s Epiphany

When I finished the series I needed one more piece to fill the final kiln load to be fired. Poseidon’s Epiphany was the piece chosen. When I brought this piece to a group naming event, it emerged that all felt it had to do with an old Greek myth about the founding of Athens. It seems there was a great contest to name the City and Poseidon vied with Athena to name it. The gods then said that whichever of the two could come up with the greatest contribution to humankind would win the naming rights. Poseidon went first and created the horse, the quintessential animal of war. All the gods were amazed and thought he could not be beat. Then Athena created the olive tree, symbol of peace and prosperity in the Middle East for ages and won the contest. Thus the piece represented a hope that the purpose of the Rosecrans series was being fulfilled.

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  1. The four horsemen of the apocalypse approach clothed in peace, but two of them are hiding something behind their backs. They are coming from the prison behind them on the right. The bars of the window look like a cross. I thought it was a tree on the left, but the design below it caused me to see it could be a mushroom cloud.

  2. I see you the artist leading the ‘korean spirits’, soldiers, enamy?? but they do not want to be used as symbols of war…you are western and do not understand them. The hawk is their guardian, their worrier spirit protecting their honor protecting their peace.

  3. Brad,

    Have you given any thought to creating a little book of this adventure you have been on? Making prints, paintings or using the original sketches to illustrate it?

    It could be another extension of this project

    Congratulations your work is amazing!

  4. “The Reincarnation of the Warrior Spirit”

    What is the difference between a warrior and a soldier?They both fight for something they believe in. Over the centuries wars have been fought to preserve beliefs and ideals. I find myself in a conflict of accepting the idea of the warrior spirit, but not in contemporary society.

  5. On Saturday 2/24/07 we had a naming session for this sculpture at the BEC Gallery. The following comments on this piece were made:

    The group felt that the persons in this piece were providing some sort of greeting/announcement/advent related to war stopping and peace starting in the world. The cup in the right hand person in the piece was a witness to some sort of coronation. In the background was an image of faceless world war on the right and the birth of new instight on the left.

    Other words associated with this piece: jubilation/ celebration.

    Craig: They are telling us something they are not sure about.

    Names suggested:

    Cindy: Foreshadowing of Peace
    Advent of Pacifism
    Advent of the End of War, Greeting the Road to

    Ken: Celebrating the end of War
    Greeting the Advent of Permanent Peace
    The Advent of the End of War
    Greeting the Advent of the End of War

    The name the group felt was best was:
    “Greeting the Cessation of War & the Advent of Permanent Peace”

  6. This addition to the present title was submitted in writing by a person attending the Rosecrans Exhibit at the Louden Community Center in Santa Cruz, CA:

    No Name: Poseidon’s Epiphany-Athena’s Wisdom

    Also, Denise had this to say:

    “The beard on the face is actually a fish in the water. The eyes in the face are mounted on the mind/brain and do not reflect the heart. The fish and reptile (face) are cold blooded animals. Thinking about how to solve problems is also more cold blooded than using the heart. This piece reflects a struggle between two cold blooded wills to see who will win. This is like the war against terrorism in Iraq. My name for this piece would therefore be Cold Blood.”

  7. “The Guide” This is probably my favorite from the project. There are three wise men being guided by a bird. The wise men seem to be from different cultures from the way they are dressed (multinational) One of the figures seems to be holding a grail (the Holy Grail?) and it seems to be reflected in the “tree” behind him as well. Several of the things in this one suggest a double meaning. is the tree on the left a tree, the Grail or a atomic bomb blast. The cross on the right could be the sun or a church. The road they are on actually looks a bit like a river.

  8. I see the Texan polygamist with an older and a very young wife – with a dove overhead. While they seem to be happy most of the rest of us are not and see lots wrong with this scenario. With human beings, even the basics collide. So, expectiong myriad collisions – why can we not learn to settle differences in ways less violent than Waco . . . or are we just wako?

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