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Muses of Rumi

Muses of Rumi
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How Rumi Gained His Sense of Humor
and Became a Great Poet

Rumi finally surrendered to the will of the Beloved.

"I am ready My Friend.
Have your way with me.
Make me light-headed and giddy.
Be prodigious and wildly untidy
As an overgrown garden.
Booze me!
Soothe me!
Abuse me!
What can you do me?
Schmooze me?
Amuse me?"

Touched by Rumi's playful plea, the Beloved shouted,
"Yes!" I will send to you a Muse!"

But, as you see,
The Beloved was very generous
And he sent - three!

And Rumi has been amused ever since.

© Jan Seligman
All rights reserved

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