Lena E. Gordon


Muses of Rumi

Listening to Life
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Listening to Life #1

The stones are held in reserve there
Roots woven through them
Kept secure and protected
The brawny trunk rests beneath heaven
Branches twisting in the direction of the sun
My hand reaches out
To ask for absolution
I remain silent

Listening to Life #2

You tell me to listen to life
You guide me with your
Great big hand
I can hear you even
With that perforation in
Your voice……
Your face comforts me
As your wiry hair leaves me discontented.
What do I hear?
I hear you call out to me…..
Plant trees!
Build gardens! Generate Life!
Battle the death
Of your home…………
Lena E. Gordon ©
all rights reserved

© Lena E. Gordon
All rights reserved

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