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Posted October 2, 2003:

Sculptor Bradley Burkhart responds to Suzi Gablik's article, "The Unmaking of Modernism".

"The rational approach emphasizes command over the physical world through quantifiable observation and lauds the values of the individual over the community. It goes without saying that the two approaches have had a natural and mutual antagonism. When rationality moved to the forefront, it was fought bitterly at first. Subsequently, it was viewed as a valuable new tool. Eventually, however, it bullied its way into being the only reliable means for knowing reality. As a consequence, intuition has been marginalized and treated as unreliable or even malevolent by current decision makers. In the process, the currency of meaning has become quantity not quality; and, as you have commented, the spiritual underpinnings of culture have been devastated."

Read the full text of Brad's letter here.

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